Illegal Aliens: Is it Time to Stop Illegal Immigration?

Posted by on 24 March, 2009
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mason-weaverToday’s guest host is  Mason Weaver, author, motivational speaker and host of his own national radio program Telling the truth about politics, economy, and society from a Christian perspective with NO NONSENSE.sign1

Todays hot topic – Illegal immigration.





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2 Comments on “Illegal Aliens: Is it Time to Stop Illegal Immigration?”

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    24 March, 2009, 4:03 pm

    The only immigration issue for the church is immigration to the Kingdom of God. No matter what nation a Christian resides in, he is under the authority of God who has instructed us by the Holy Ghost writing through the apostles to obey every ordinance of man and to be subject unto the higher powers and to pay tribute. Unlawful immigration into any country transgresses such ordinances and powers, but it is the express perogative of the rulers appointed by God to minister his wrath to evil doers. It is not the church’s perogative to do so, but rather to welcome strangers and preach the good news to every creature wherever we may find them. In other word’s, it’s Caesar’s border, let him minister it. As for me, I know that every place whereon the soles of my feet shall tread shall be mine.

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    24 March, 2009, 6:17 pm

    Its already illegal. If they want to cross illegally, they do it at their own risk. Its not like we’re allowing it to happen, it happens anyways. Sort of like everything else that is also illegal.